My first week of an amazing year

I will start off with Sadhguru quote “If human beings become conscious, the need for domination and conflict will dissolve.”

This week started for me with a time off for spiritual awakening, mind rewiring and positive affirmations, I started meditating twice a day and try as much as possible to stay mindful and self-aware of my actions and attitudes.

The next thing on my todo list was making sure I have a plan and set goals for 2021 using as a template for planning my year and using Trello to organize them.

Some of the lessons I learned last year was that writing down your goals, commitment and ruthless execution seem to be some of the most important ways to achieving tremendous success.

One of the key questions asked that is very important is this; What does the year ahead of you look like? What will happen in an ideal case? Why will it be great?

My answer: 2021 is a year that I will take full control of my life:
I will achieve 10x growth in my:

Important events that happened last week:

Peexoo was featured for the second time on Business day, making it our first branding and PR of the year.
Here’s the link if you are interested to read the story

This week I welcomed the amazing Peexoo team back to work and we had our first general meeting on Monday where everyone spoke about the plans they have for the year, last year experience and some lessons and takeaways.

In my quest to study the trends and get insights into some key lessons from 2020 for startups I stumbled on listening to my favourite Podcast where Reid Hoffman spoke about the lesson from the year 2020 title of the episode is called 2020: the year in review

Last week I also witness the gagging and disenfranchising of a sitting president of the greatest country in the whole world by big tech companies following the insurrection at the capitol.

This story will be a full post next week, I will write about the rise of digital empires, how the digital ecosystem is influencing governance, the global economy and creating a new world order.

This first week of January came with its challenges also but I have made up my mind to focus only on the positive things in life and live life to its fullest savouring every experience and living by the words of Buddha that said “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”

I wish you all a great week, filled with positivism, empathy and compassion for one another and the courage and selflessness to take charge!

I am the co-founder of Peexoo technologies a visual media technology startup helping visual storytellers take full control of their business, increase their customer base and use our platform to manage and automate the end to end process involved in their business.





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kelechi Steven Nwadike

kelechi Steven Nwadike


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